Digital. Works.

“Digital. Works.” is the battlecry of
Xiklab Group.

Our focus is digital, and our mission is to deliver digital marketing and digital product solutions that work hard to improve the business of our clients.

Xiklab Group is comprised of interdependent business units which are all focused on digital marketing and digital product solutions.

Full-on Digital

Xiklab Group is an aggrupation of three digital business units, namely, Xiklab Digital, Xiklab Axis and Xiklab Ventures, each with their own distinct specializations but all focused on fueling the flames for digital in the market place.

In the midst of the global pandemic, the Group found an opportunity during the lockdown in the Philippines to build upon its nearly 20-year experience in the industry. The company forged ahead and developed new business units to further strengthen its position as one of the largest and leading digital marketing companies in the Philippines and in Asia.

These units expanded and amplified the capabilities of the group, creating a more dominant service provider in the digital landscape.

Time to Go Digital

The current situation accelerated the need for digital solutions, causing businesses to make a rapid shift to digital and online channels such as e-commerce, social media, influencer marketing, search marketing and more.

Xiklab Group today provides new offerings in the digital marketing field for businesses of all sizes.

Our team of over 70 digital marketing specialists is ready to take on the challenges of the new normal.

Xiklab Group Team in Manila, Philippines.

Expanding operations beyond the Philippines.

Board of Directors of Hello Xiklab Yangon (HXY) in Myanmar.


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