About the Group

Digital. Works.

The Xiklab Group is composed of three distinct business units,
but all are focused on digital marketing solutions.

Meet Our Leaders

Officially founded in 2019, Xiklab Digital is the result of the merger
between Snapworx Digital and Mobext Philippines.

Comprised of over 70 digital specialists in the field of client servicing, strategy, creatives, media, social media, and technology, Xiklab Digital is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the Philippines.

Meet Our Digital Torch Bearers

Xiklab Axis is the digital marketing outsourcing hub of the group. It houses a network of over 800 digital marketing freelancers who have varied range of skills from digital strategy, website development, creative content development, graphic design, animation, search marketing and more.

Xiklab Axis enables businesses to upscale cost-effectively and at a faster rate.

Our pool of 800+
Digital Marketing Specialists

Leading innovation in the Group is the digital products arm of the group called Xiklab Ventures.

Its most recent development is a mobile app that promotes team collaboration, facilitates employee e-learning programs, and enables and rewards employees as brand advocates. In addition, Xiklab Ventures has launched an e-commerce platform that specializes in marketing and delivering health and wellness products in the Philippines.

Our Digital Products

Employee Advocacy

Incentivize your employees to be active advocates for your organization

Medicine E-commerce

Join the network of drugstores that aim to enhance the accessibility of medicines

Are you ready to go all-out on digital?

Drop us an email and let’s talk about digital!

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