VOCA is a 3-in-1 platform that provides different capabilities





Encourage your employees to be active brand advocates and incentivize them
to share about your brand and your company.

VOCA makes this easy with built-in tools that instantly reward points to employees
who share brand and company content.

Thousands of
Organic Reach

According to Brandwatch, a Facebook user has an average of 338 friends.

This is the potential organic reach for every employee that will use VOCA, enabling even medium-sized enterprises to reach up to 80,000+ users with just one click.

Get the Word Out
with Rewards

All employees will get push notifications every time there is a new company post. Employees can share the post to their personal social media accounts and earn points that they can use to redeem rewards.


Keep your employees engaged even with remote working set-ups.

VOCA enables your company to quickly release updates and post important announcements.

Post company announcements

Keep your employees updated the recent events and happenings in the company as well as future announcements.

Give recognition to your team

VOCA can be used as a platform to recognize outstanding team members, applaud company achievements and lot more.

Share helpful content

Make sure the whole team is well-informed of important news. You can also share the latest industry developments.


Train your employees to be the best in their field and help develop their skills and talents.

VOCA can also be used as an E-Learning platform with customizable features and capabilities designed to deliver an easily accessible learning experience.

Choose from a wide selection of courses

Choose from hundreds of learning materials or create your own learning courses.

Assign courses and learning paths

Assign learning paths that are designed for specific roles in the organization.

Want to learn more about the VOCA app?

Drop us an email and let’s talk about how to turn your employees into brand advocates!

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